Adhere to the bottom line of new energy security monitoring refused pseudo innovation"

The newly released "electric power development plan" clearly put forward in 13th Five-Year, vigorously develop new energy at the same time, to optimize the development of layout adjustment. It is the wind power, solar power industry, the basic ideas of development in the next five years, the optimization of system construction, consumption, send ", and to achieve the overall optimization, secure access to new energy efficient operation and precise control is the key premise necessary, is to ensure the power industry key more important the essence of security and a ring.

The system is always on the road

Although after more than and 10 years of exploration and summary, China has established a set of relatively complete work system and system security in the electric power monitoring system, which is called the electric power two system. However, in the face of "13th Five-Year" during the large-scale new energy grid of the surging tide of the power monitoring system, safety protection work is always on the road.

Along with the historical context of the development of our country's electric power monitoring and control system, in the history of the development of electric power in our country, the two Gorges hydropower plant once again broke into the people's vision.

October 23, 2000, two beach hydropower plant received an abnormal command signal, resulting in the plant in 7 seconds to get rid of the power of 890 thousand kilowatts, resulting in the collapse of the Sichuan power grid. After the investigation found that the plant control system and office automation system combined with the exception of the command is issued by the office automation system.

So then, issued by the former State Economic and Trade Commission in 2002 30 called "safety of the computer monitoring and control system of power plant and power grid and dispatching data network protection regulations" stressed "production control area and the large area of management information must be physically isolated, and the network, the internet physical isolation pipe production control dispatching data network must be used." Our country electric power supervisory control system security protection work since then started the prologue.

In December 2004, the former State Electricity Regulatory Commission issued the "power two system safety protection regulations" (hereinafter referred to as No. 5), called the electric safety protection work of milepost file.

No. 5 first proposed the "power monitoring system security strategy security, network partition, special horizontal isolation and longitudinal certification", the main content is: the reasonable division of security zones, expand power dispatching data network, take safety protective technology and equipment necessary for the divestiture of non productive business, to achieve physical isolation of power dispatching data network and other network.

Dispatching automation system (SCADA/EMS), wide area measurement system, distribution network automation system, substation automation system, power plant automatic monitoring system, relay protection and security automatic control system, automatic low-frequency / low-voltage load shedding system and load control system, by directly to a real-time monitoring system is an important core and key link, electric power production safety, were divided in the control area (safety 1), must use the longitudinal electric power dispatching data network or a dedicated channel connection.

Decree No. 5 as the core, power monitoring system of our country security protection system in the following ten years has withstood the severe test, ensure safe and reliable electricity supply. At the same time, in order to actively adapt to the trend of the development of the energy industry and technology, power monitoring security protection system is also constantly improve the technical specifications, management measures.

In September 1, 2014, the national development and Reform Commission Order No. fourteenth "electric power monitoring system of safety protection regulations" (hereinafter referred to as No. 14) formally implemented. Decree No. 14 defines "power monitoring system" means "for monitoring and control of power production and supply process, the business system of computer and network technology and intelligent equipment based on network communication and data, as well as the foundation to support the" big area system should divide control region and management information for production.

Compared to the previous 5 orders, 14 orders in terms of technology, one is according to the actual situation of distribution network, distributed power supply is widely used in wireless public network data communication, proposed in the production control zone set up "safe access area"; two is the production control area two equipment, related requirements from the equipment selection and configuration, vulnerability and risk rectification, the power monitoring system security protection system to strengthen the "border protection" to "defense in depth" from the key.

At the same time, 14 orders of electric power enterprises shall be in accordance with the "who is in charge who is responsible, who is the operator who is responsible" principle, establish and perfect the power two system of safety management system, implement the responsibility system for classification. In addition, establish and improve the safety evaluation system of power monitoring system, take the self evaluation as the main method, supplemented by inspection and evaluation.

In February 2015, the National Energy Bureau formulated the "power monitoring system security overall plan" safety protection scheme and evaluation standard, to determine the overall framework of the power monitoring system of safety protection system, refine the security general principles, put forward above the provincial dispatching center, (county) electric power monitoring system security protection scheme and power monitoring system security level dispatching center, power plant, substation, power distribution and evaluation criterion.

In more than and 10 years, in order to ensure the safe operation of the power system as the criterion, power monitoring system in China security and protection work has experienced from scratch, from weak to strong "transformation" upgrade process.

The challenge of wireless communication technology

Since the electric power monitoring system is in accordance with the norms of the communication line network, but with the rapid development of communication technology, electric power safety protection