Apple set up energy companies officially launched renewable energy business

As the world's most competitive high-tech companies, apple energy limited liability company recently registered in Delaware, which means that Apple began to enter the large-scale renewable energy, directly to customers to sell excess renewable energy generated by the device, in addition to possible settlement into the public grid in the power supply. Apple into the energy industry, this layout has a long history. In Chinese, 2015 and 2016 for two years, apple and a number of Chinese listed companies (such as central shares, Jinfeng Technology) a joint venture subsidiary, launched a new energy business.

On the type of business cooperation, apple to enter the new energy based on the core competitiveness of the new energy, is a model case of cross-border integration and competition. Through cross-border integration and competition, energy companies and new technology companies formed a co opetition relationship, so as to achieve common business interests. Referred to as Goldwind, carry out cooperation with apple, to actively promote the building of green supply chain, direct sales contribute to achieve the company green power, and enhance the company's wind power as a total solution provider of brand awareness and influence, improve the utilization rate of wind power development, wind farm market operation space.

Into the energy industry, but also the natural development of Apple Corp business model. Apple Corp large, more assets, large power consumption, has been a major power utility. Apple's diversified business model, the construction of facilities (roofs, parking and idle land), can install a larger and low-cost power system. As long as the market is free of the need for administrative permission to relax, apple can buy electricity in the traditional sector, when the excess electricity sold to the professional power sector, as a "prosumer". According to the established business contract, apple and other non electric power companies can sell part of the company's electricity management contract, which can be in the case of higher prices for energy savings and income.

The Apple Corp was able to become the production and marketing of high-tech companies trailbreaker, positioning also depends on its own. On the basis of the conditions of the industrial revolution, the arrival of the era of producers and sellers, depends on the U.S. intelligence and Internet infrastructure. In the unprecedented changes of the industrial structure, the material and technical basis for the realization of the new energy efficiency strategy through the real-time control of the equipment is formed. In this energy efficiency strategy, through a simple installation, IP addressable air conditioning optimization program, you can turn on the roof of the commercial street and convenience store millions of air conditioners into the corresponding resources. Apple has the ability to do this with big data.

The innovation of the business model of apple, also depends on the cost saving and environmental protection within the scope of the current consensus on global business day. Currently, in the United States and other regions of Silicon Valley, many of the top companies have begun to buy large quantities of renewable energy suppliers contract, while the production of self energy. According to the Boston University sustainable energy institute director Peter Fox-Penner published in "Harvard Business Review" of the article, the purchase of renewable energy up to 24 companies, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IKEA, Equinix, Mars, Dow Chemical, WAL-MART and Facebook are on the list. They buy 3600 trillion watts of renewable energy, enough to supply about half of Connecticut's area.

For more and more national industry, this trend can not be underestimated. Apple has become a producer, the global pattern of the energy industry, is an epoch-making event. For a long time, the energy industry is basically the same industry competition, such as competition between power companies and power companies, power companies and oil companies. Faced with the traditional energy (oil, coal, electricity, nuclear power) to form a variety of administrative barriers, high-tech companies to enter the energy industry, the first choice is the new energy, such as wind, solar energy. When high-tech and massive capital into the energy sector, the traditional energy giant needs to do is to re-examine their own competitiveness.

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