The Amazing Invention; Waterproof Bathroom TV

The Amazing Waterproof Bathroom TV.

Have you ever been relaxing comfortably in the bath when you’re suddenly aware that your favourite TV programme is about to start? What can you do: terminate your wonderful relaxing bath and sprint into another room to watch it, or stay exactly where you are and miss the programme. Well now apparently there’s another option, stay in your lovely relaxing bath full of bubbles and just switch on your wall mounted water proof tv.

Because of the nature of my business I have become aware of the increasing popularity of waterproof televisions. Yes that’s right – water resistant televisions that can withstand a severe soaking and believe it or not, are 100% safe. Because they are sealed units, the water causes no long term or short term damage.

Great Features

These water resistant televisions come with a really impressive list of features including:

* Built in Freeview

* On screen sensor switch control

* HD ready

* Supplied as a sealed unit, no dust penetration between glass and screen

* Heated screen

* Water tight seal to meet all wet room regulations

* 20″ high quality LCD screen

They come with a totally waterproof remote control to operate the TV from your beautiful relaxing bath. Fantastic!

Waterproof Televisions in Hotels

Since I first became aware of these TVs I have seen them in operation in some leading hotels around the UK. I guess we’ll see more and more of them in hotels as standard, as competitors won’t want to feel left behind with what they are offering their clients.

Simple Installation

Having seen the establishment of one of these awesome TV’s, I was gobsmacked at how effortlessly they are fitted. A straight forward layout is utilized to make the break to fit the support plate, sound (if pertinent) and elevated links are associated and the TV is secured onto the plate with a couple of screws.

Another Option – The IP Enabled Waterproof TV

IP Enabled Bathroom Televisions are designed to be used on a digital IPTV based network. With everyday TV’s requiring an additional Set Top Box (STB), the IP Network Television will be free from the constraints of such equipment. No longer will an STB need to be hidden in the void behind the wall and run a separate IR receiver, but instead simply feed an Ethernet cable into the back of the screen to deliver TV, Radio, VOD and other services which the hotel wishes to offer.

I’m delighted to say that I have just purchased my very own waterproof tv but I now have to race my wife to the bathroom.

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